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Communicate in Real-time with your remote team

Whether your team is the office, on the road…or working from home, Otixo Work Spaces is your secure communication hub for your entire organization and external customers. It’s easy to know what’s happening now and what’s coming up next.

With Work Spaces you can:

  • Keep your team and projects organized using Channels.
  • Meet and present in real-time using Otixo Video/Audio rooms with screen-sharing.
  • Chat or share files & folders and be sure the team sees exactly what you want them to.
  • Connect 3rd-party apps (Using Zapier) to your channels to use Otixo as your communication hub for all your business processes.

Great communication with your teams and customers

Best-in-class file sharing with your team and customers

Otixo Work Spaces are designed from the ground up to help teams that work with files every better.

Securely share content from more than 35 popular clouds and keep up-to-date on the latest changes. You can even connect entire directory structures to your collaborative groups so everyone has access to the content they use every day. And set permissions on files and folders so your important company assets can’t be removed or modified.

Files and documents everywhere

Privacy and Security Matter

Otixo cares about your security and your privacy while working in the cloud. Here are a few of the things we do for your content and communication:

  • Encrypt files you upload to your Work Spaces.
  • Set lock permissions on your shared files and folders if you don’t want people to delete or modify them.
  • All your team’s activities are logged in Work Spaces, so you know when someone viewed, added or removed files and messages.
  • Choose where your team keeps their valuable assets. (Upload to Otixo or 1 of 35 different clouds)
  • You are also fully in control of your team’s data in Otixo. You can export or back up messages and files in your WorkSpace to a location of your choice.

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