Collaborate without Boundaries

Connect Teams Across Multiple Services in a Single Space

Share your Space with Colleagues

Sharing files and working together is easier with Otixo. Send invitations and manage Space
collaborators quickly and easily. Once a collaborator joins you can get started.

Attach Files & Folders

Working together has never been so easy!Attach files or folders from any of your cloud providers to your Space with just a few clicks!

Use the Attach button on the toolbar or Just drag-n-drop items to your Space!
You can grant collaborator write permission to your items in the Space using the
button in the Access column.

Easy Collaboration with Comments

Preview and share comments on files with your other collaborators.
Discuss changes with whole group, all from one place.

Keep Track of your Projects with Activities

The Activities menu shows new comments, files and downloads. You can choose to view them inside Otixo or be emailed whenever something new happens.

You can change your email notification preferences on the “Spaces” tab in your Account Preferences.

Watch video about Spaces

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